Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

  • How To Effectively Resolve Conflict In Marriage

    If you and your spouse fight all the time and really want to stop, you will need to both agree to learn how to handle conflict properly. In addition, you will both have to be willing to use the right methods for this. If you can both agree to those terms, you will be able to successfully and effectively overcome the obstacles you are currently struggling with. One method you can use for this is called collaborative conflict resolution, and this method involves the following steps:

  • Three Common Reasons Why A Newborn Strains A Marriage And How To Avoid Them

    Every new parent knows that having a child will change many things about their daily life. Most, however, do not plan for the difficulty that it also places upon a marriage. In fact, when the Gottman Relationship Institute in Seattle conducted a study of new parents and their relationship, they found that nearly two-thirds of parents found their relationship to be unsatisfying by the time their child was three years old.

  • Tips For Managing A Desire To Isolate During Drug Rehabilitation

    When you are going through recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be very tempting to simply isolate from everyone. Your negative feelings might seem like they are too much to handle and you might feel anxious without the layer of substance that used to be between you and everyone you used to talk to. However, other people can be some of your biggest allies in your fight against addiction.

  • Dignity Therapy Can Restore A Little Life To The Dying

    Death is a train that comes for everyone at one point or another. Unfortunately, the act of dying can be fraught with numerous indignities that leave the affected person in such a state of depression and anxiety that they are unable to enjoy their last days. However, a form of counseling called dignity therapy may help a dying loved one cope a little better with his or her passing. Here's more information about this option.

  • How To Use Exercise To Treat Depression

    Many people are taking medication in order to combat their dark moods, worried thoughts, and other problems that they might be having. However, they might feel like the medication isn't enough. One way to add to the medication and increase your level of treatment is to try exercise. Exercise is an excellent treatment for depression because it increases the body's production of endorphins, making a person's mood lighter. It also helps people take their minds off their problems.

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    Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

    Hey everyone, my name is Lori Grffin. When my son was born, I was completely unprepared for the difficulties of raising a sensory deprived child. The stress of trying to parent a difficult child definitely takes its toll. Eventually, I had a nervous breakdown and ended up enrolling in individual counseling sessions. The counseling appointments helped me work through the emotions generated while coping with fits and meltdowns from my son. I emerged from each session better prepared to provide my son with the support he needed. I also learned how to pay attention to how I was feeling during the process. I created this site because I want to share the benefits parents receive from going to counseling sessions. Thank you.