Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Pre-Marital Counseling: Online Or In-Person?

Rebecca Pena

Statistics show that pre-marital counseling gives couples a 30% higher success rate than those that receive no type of counseling before they tie the knot. Around 44% of couples who make a legal commitment to one another go through some type of counseling prior to walking down the aisle. Just eight hours of counseling can give you and your soon-to-be spouse a better chance at a happy and healthy marriage. The cost of this counseling is around $1,000. The cost is reduced if you have insurance or can obtain counseling from a pastor or clergy member from your chosen religious place of worship. In addition to the many benefits pre-marital counseling provides to you and your marriage, many counties will give you a discount on your marriage license if you provide proof of pre-marital counseling. 

Online Counseling

Some online pre-marital counseling is comprised of questionnaires and pre-recorded lessons that you complete at your own pace. If you work, have kids, are in school or have other obligations that demand much of your time, online counseling can be a great option. You can complete your sessions on your schedule, wherever you are. There is no need to make appointments or travel to the counseling location. You and your fiancĂ© can complete the work as you have time. You may also opt to go through a different type of online counseling, where you and your soon-to-be-spouse meet online with a live counselor via Skype or a similar method. This type of counseling does require appointments and schedule coordination with your counselor, but still gives you the flexibility of attending from home or wherever else you may be. 

In-Person Counseling

In-person counseling is the best option if your schedule and life commitments allow for it. This type of counseling gives your therapist or counselor the opportunity to sit down with you and your betrothed and get to know both of you. A lot can be communicated through body language that can't be seen on a cold computer screen. And your pre-marital counselor will likely give you homework assignments to reinforce what you are learning. In-person counseling gives you the opportunity to discuss what you are learning and how your lessons apply to your own life. Your counselor can give you tips and advice for communication, money and other aspects of your relationship that are tailored to you and the one you love.

No matter which type of counseling you choose, it is important to obtain some type of pre-marital counseling. Divorce rates in the United States are at an all-time high, so do everything you can to make your marriage as strong as it can be. Contact a business, such as Fairbanks Counseling & Adoption, for more information.   


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Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

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