Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Cold Feet About Marriage: How Premarital Counseling Can Be Helpful After An Affair

Rebecca Pena

Are you getting married but having cold feet about going through with the wedding ceremony due to a past affair? Sometimes advice from a third party can help you make a better decision, which can be done through premarital counseling. In this article, learn how a few sessions with a premarital counselor can help you and your spouse before heading down the aisle.

How Can Premarital Counseling Help an Engaged Couple?

If the decision to undergo premarital counseling was based on an affair, the counselor will focus on helping both of you determine if there is a real chance to leave it in the past. He or she will dig deep into how the affair has affected your relationship, as well as if the one that cheated is actually in love with the other spouse. Sometimes letting someone know that you are no longer in love with them is easier with the help of a counselor.

If the two of you are still in love, the counselor will discuss the importance of being committed in a marriage. He or she will show you and your spouse how deep the commitment should be, such as by being faithful, listening and considering each others feelings. Sometimes a premarital counselor will ask you and your spouse to participate in relationship building exercises after each session. For instance, he or she may tell you to plan a date that recreates the moment that you and your spouse first met.

A few other topics that may be discussed in premarital counseling include:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • Giving each other space to breathe
  • Keeping family members from interfering
  • Not expecting the marriage to be good at all times

How Many Premarital Counseling Sessions are Necessary?

There is no set limit as to how many counseling sessions you and your spouse will attend. The sessions can be provided until you are secure about taking the next step. If you and your spouse decide that getting married is the right decision, the counselor can continue helping throughout the marriage. There is nothing wrong with marriage counseling after walking down the aisle, as it can help you and your spouse understand each other better and build a strong foundation.

You don't have to go into a new marriage with cold feet after there was an affair in the relationship. Make an appointment with a premarital counselor so you and your spouse can get married with a peace of mind! (For information on couples counseling, you can contact Drake Counseling Services)


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