Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

Exploring Counseling Sessions For Parents

How Strong Is Your Marriage? 4 Factors That Help Determine The Health Of A Relationship

Rebecca Pena

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a good marriage? While there is no one true way to know for everyone, there are some key factors that can help you understand the current strength of your relationship. Here are a few of those factors:

You Have an Overall Feeling of Happiness

One way to know you have a good marriage is when you both have an overall feeling of happiness, despite any difficulties that may be surrounding you. Your marriage is strong when you know you have a partner you can lean on when you have a bad day at work, a difficult day with the kids, or anything that causes heartache. Understand that even the strongest, happiest of couples are not happy, lovey-dovey all the time, but they do have an overall cheerful attitude toward each other.

You and Your Spouse Have Fun

Another indicator of a good marriage is when the two of you can have fun together. This is a sign that you both truly enjoy each other's company and enjoys doing activities together. This includes going out on dates, taking fun vacations, or discovering new places and things to do.

You Easily Achieve Goals Together

A strong couple is also one that can achieve certain goals together. Accomplishing goals, no matter the size or type, often takes teamwork. A good, happy couple will find accomplishing goals easy, especially when there is little to no contention between you. Things like saving money for a home, building a family, or even a gardening project are much easier for couples who are happy and content with one another.

You Can Weather the Storm

A key to any good relationship is how well the two of you can get along during the more difficult times in life. You will both need a soft place to fall when times get tough, and it is comforting knowing you have that in your spouse. Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one, a lost job, or a financial crisis, knowing that you have one another to help get through it is very comforting and indicative of a strong marriage.

Determining how happy you are in your marriage depends on many factors. The key is not to compare your relationship with others. Everyone has different priorities and deals with things differently, and there is no cookie-cutter way to determine the strength of your marriage. If you are both generally happy, can work though things without negative words, and enjoy being with each other, chances are you have a very happy and strong marriage.

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